Sunday, September 27, 2009

yay brayden!

we have been doing the gf/cf diet for a couple weeks now with brayden, and though we've had a few set backs with him getting in to things he's not supposed to... he is starting to show some progress!! He has some real texture issues with foods.. anything mushy is just about the last thing he would touch.. he wont even go near ice cream because of his texture issues.. and tonight he ate REFRIED BEANS! he decided on his own to eat them and he ate them with a spoon! i am so proud of him!! i know people that don't know much about autism or sensory processing issues don't understand how amazing that is.. and i probably sound really weird to be excited about something like this.. but it really is a big deal! maybe some day he'll be able to stand looking at fruits and vegetables with out gagging!! AND not only did he eat the beans he used a spoon! he used a spoon for his cereal this morning too and has been doing great! he's getting better and better at it! i'm so excited to see some progress! i really hope this diet is what he needs! i love him so so much!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Wow so i'm not very good at keeping up with this blog thing but today is noah's birthday and i thought i would do a birthday blog for him like i did brayden!

Noah came in to this world on a friday, august 24th at 5:14pm weighing in at 7lbs 1oz. he was 20in long.. my tiniest (length wise).. i was so happy to have him in my arms when he was born.. i had been very anxious to meet him. Noah has been special to me even before i knew i was expecting him. About a year before i got pregnant with noah i started having dreams about this little boy.. they were so vivid and felt so real. in the very first dream he told me his name was michael but we could call him noah michael. for the next year i had dreams about him often and when we had our u/s with noah i just had an overwhelming feeling that the little boy in my dreams was the little boy i was carrying. Noah has been full of personality since he was born. everything is dramatic for my sensitive boy. but he has a heart of gold! he loves his brothers and makes sure to take extra special care of his baby.. always feeding him and patting him on the head. when noah decides to do something.. he does it. he's learning new words every day and is quite the jabber jaws! he's quite a little charmer and knows just how to steal your heart. i love him so much and i am so blessed to have him in my life!
here are some pics from the last two years!-- birthday pics coming soon...ish... =)

my beautiful boy the morning after he was born

two days old and already brightening my day with his smile =)

he wasn't too fond of his first bath....

three weeks old...... such a stinker....

his first christmas!

tea any one?!

food coloring...

my chunky monkey in the tonka truck!
about 11 months old here

cutest little teddy bear!

and he still loves that truck!

noah's first birthday shoot!
almost 13 months in beautiful talkeetna alaska!
happy halloween!!!!!
his second christmas!
he's quite the handsome little man now =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


On june 27th 2005 after 21 looooong hours of labor my beautiful Brayden was born! Weighing in at 6lbs 12oz he was just a tiny little thing! The nurses nick-named him peanut.. most likely due to the fact that the other baby born that day weighed over 9lbs! From the very first time i saw him i just couldn't get over how beautiful he was! He is a very smiley boy and i often call him my happy boy! For starting out so small he sure is BIG now! He is now 43lbs and 42in tall (we think.. it's hard to measure him!)! he's a very snuggly boy and loves to be tickled! I am so happy to be his mama and i look forward to many more birthdays with my happy boy!! Here are some pics of him throughout his 4 years!
headed home from the hospital @ 2 days old!

i still can't believe he was this tiny. we tried to do this shot with Noah and there was no way he would fit! brayden was 4days old in this pic and he was 5lbs 14oz!


9 months

11 months-- his eyes look so gorgeous! thanks MaMaw for the beautiful portrait!

first birthday pics

i don't know why but i love this picture of him

he loved cars

brayden playing in the backyard durring our scorching hot 70 degree summer!

happy second birthday!!

his smile is contageous!

my gorgeous boy!
Happy third birthday!!!
my silly boy!
he loves playing with animals!
my beautiful Brayden!

Friday, June 19, 2009

bath time!

Alex is finally big enough to take baths with the big boys! they are so cute together!!!
there's no pic of the three of them together because brayden kept showing his "goods"... but they are cute any way!


this summer has been absolutely gorgeous!! beautiful weather and nice temps mostly staying in the 70's.. although we did get up to 87 the other day.. that may sound nice and cool to my family.. but.. it's not that cool when you don't have air conditioning!!!! thinking about moving back home to arizona has made me really happy and excited to be near my family.. but i really will miss it here. it's the most beautiful place in the world (to me) and i will really miss walking out of my bedroom in the morning and seeing a gorgeous view of the ocean and mountains! Brayden and i explored some of the plants in our yard the other day.. here are a few pics.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brotherly Love

i just had to share these pics of noah and alex... it's so them!
it starts with alex attempting to show noah he is in control....
then my sweet little noah decides to make nice with alex and show him they are friends.
still going along with the nice loving brother act.. noah gives alex a "hug"
and then....
bam! every one is on the floor and noah is laughing his butt off!
ah to be young again....

az trip!

WELL we finally got our plane tickets and we will be in az from july 3rd to the 14th! i'm so excited!!!!!